Early Childhood Education Center

We offer excellent and varied programs designed to meet the needs of your family. Our classrooms are intended for children to grow and learn in a safe, creative, and caring environment. We are staffed with qualified and dedicated teachers selected for their love of children and the Lord as well as their commitment to providing educational opportunities that support the best principles of early childhood development.


The Elementary program is designed to provide a strong foundation in reading, writing, math, science and history/social studies. The reading program is based on a phonetic approach. Excellent literature and writing are part of each grade’s course of study. An educational resource lab contributes hands-on learning resources for math and science. There is a strong emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking skills in all subject areas. Music, band, choir, art, and physical education are a part of each child’s week. All classes are biblically integrated and a daily Bible or Christian Living class is part of each child’s day. The Bible curriculum is based on Christian character development along with scripture memorization.

Jr. High

The Junior High program is designed to prepare students for their high school years. Emphasis is placed on building confidence in writing, researching, and communicating. Science looks at creation through the orderliness and reality of living things as well as the physical part of our universe. Students study people, places and events in our world, Twentieth century United States’ history, and government. Geography is taught through the lens of fulfilling the Great Commission. Students continue to build on their previous math skills and select an accelerated or general math course in 7th grade and pre-algebra or algebra 1 in 8th grade. Algebra 1 is applied toward their high school math requirements. Bible class is a full year in which the application of God’s Word and principles in everyday life are emphasized. Band, choir, physical education, art, computer, foreign languages, and other electives are also offered.

High School

High School Troy Christian High School offers a college preparatory program to prepare students for graduation and their post-secondary educational experience. High school learning includes class-oriented instruction, online learning, independent studies, service and leadership learning and experiences, enrichment opportunities, honor classes and college classes on TCHS’ campus.

College Credit Plus is an opportunity for 7-12 graders to enroll in college classes and fulfill both high school and college academic requirements. Students can attend a college or university off campus or enroll in classes on TCHS’s campus.