12 Ways to Stay Informed at Troy Christian Schools


The TC communications team, principals, teachers, staff, and our superintendent, Dr. Gary Wilber, all work hard to keep our TC families and students informed. We use various methods of communication depending on the subject. Below is a comprehensive list of our means of communication and the general purpose for each. Please read, listen, and engage! 

PS. You don’t have to engage with all of these communication avenues--most of the information we put out crosses over, and some communication may not apply to you. We just don’t want you to miss a thing, though, so tune in to whatever makes sense for you.

Parent Page -- Both the elementary and jr. high/high schools have bi-weekly Parent Page newsletters. This is where you will find dates, times, and brief explanations of important events happening at school. You will find a printable lunch menu, links to forms, chapel schedules, and much more. You should be receiving Parent Pages via email. This is where we most regularly communicate the things you need to know. The Parent Pages are a MUST READ for all parents. You may access past Parent Pages on Renweb.

Website -- The TC website has everything! From daily notices of school closings to all our forms and resources to the athletic schedules. We keep this website current, so check often. You will find Renweb on the Website (tab at the bottom). Our TCS Store is located on our website (buy spiritwear or donate). Our daily school calendar is on the website, including lunch menu and sporting events. You will find our social media links, our blog, our current business partners, and everything you need to learn about academics, extra-curricular activities, and admissions. Get the latest news, or just browse around. Learn about the Scrip program. Whatever you are looking for, you should be able to find it on our website. If not, please let us know by contacting our webmaster at jklint@tcmail.org.

Renweb -- Find Renweb on the school website at the bottom of the page. Every TC family should have a Renweb account. Log into your account and you will find 7-12th grade daily announcements, student information (including grades), family information, billing, parent pages and much more. Our family and staff directory is found here. Add money to your child’s lunch account and pay fees on Renweb. Also, there is an “online filing cabinet” that has many of the re-enrollment forms you may need.  Re-enrollment is a great time to update your phone number for One Call and email information.

Eagle Eye Blog -- This is a new communication tool where you can get more in-depth story lines, pictures and videos of the life and culture of our entire Troy Christian campus. Our blog takes you inside the classrooms, down the hallways, and around the campus. Learn more about teachers, students’ activities, new programs, extra-curricular activities, missions, and more. Stay updated on the Enlarge the Tent Project, technology, robotics, music, and athletics. Eagle Eye Blog is updated one to three times weekly and can be found on our website. If you want to receive the blog in your email, subscribe to the RSS feed when you are on the blog. If you have a blog idea, contact scalvert@tcmail.org. 

Social Media -- Troy Christian has a facebook page, a twitter account, and we are on instagram. Our communication staff does an awesome job of posting regularly on our social media accounts. Engage with us! “Like” our pages and pictures. “Share” our school’s information and pictures on your social media feeds. “Comment” about the posts and how TC has blessed your family through academics, sports, arts, technology, missions, etc. Keep it positive, please! Social media isn’t the place to voice a concern….please email the school office if you need assistance with something.

One Call Now -- We use this system to send mass messages via phone. One Call Now is used for: school closings and delays, special sporting or musical events, special messages from Superintendent Gary Wilber, reminders from the principals or guidance counselor, and to inform families of last minutes incidents or events. Email Chris Isenbarger cisenbarger@tcmail.org or call the front office to update your phone number and One Call Now listing.

Email -- Each 5th-12th grade student has a gmail account with an email address. Teachers will email information and assignments to students, and students may email teachers with questions about school work. All staff members have an email address (see Renweb for staff directory). Parents are welcome to email teachers and staff members. Please allow two days for a reply. Also, the school will mass email important  information. Usually, a One Call will be sent notifying families that we’ve sent an email. And don’t forget, the Parent Page and Blog RSS feed come through your email address. To update your email address, contact the front office. It is important that we have your correct information. If both parents want to receive communication, we need email and phone contact information for each parent.

Teachers’ Letters -- In grades ECEC through 6th, teachers send home a classroom letter each weekly or monthly. This letter gives information specific to the classroom, as well as general school information and important dates. Please read these letters carefully. Many parents have these letter hanging on their refrigerators so they don’t miss a thing.

Bi-weekly Updates -- This is an excellent resource for our homeschool families and students who attend off-campus classes. Bi-weekly Updates are sent via email.

School Calendar -- Our calendar is found on the school website. Scroll to the bottom of the website and you will see “calendar.” It has everything from sports schedules to meetings and special school events. The daily lunch menus are posted here too. Changes to sporting schedules and games are updated immediately. Final scores are not posted. Go to TC calendar to learn more. 

Morning Announcements -- This is how we get information directly to students. Please make sure your students are listening. Also, a copy of the morning announcements for grades 7-12 can be found daily in Renweb.

ECEC Texting -- At our Early Childhood Education Center we stay very connected with our families. Sometimes there is information we know our families would want immediately, so we share via text. For example, we may text pictures of your child in our dramatic play centers, at a special party, taking those first steps, or smiling for the first time. If you need to add or change a phone number, contact the school office.

Quick Reference
School phone number: 937-339-5692
Website: www.troychristianschools.org
Renweb: www.troychristianschools.org tab at bottom of website  Renweb
Blog: http://www.troychristianschools.org/blog-eagles-eye
Facebook: www.facebook.com Search: Troy Christian Schools
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