Biology and CAD Students Create Hydroponic Garden

Mrs. Stacy Ort's college biology class needed some help making a hydroponic garden, so they turned to their fellow students in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) class. The collaboration between the two classes yielded a very green and growing hydroponic garden.

"Mr. Mitchell's CAD class used the 3D printer to make us the parts we needed to start a mini hydroponic garden," said Mrs. Ort. "We are using the garden to study photosynthesis, but there are a lot of other applications for the garden too."

For example, hydroponic gardens can be used in areas where there is poor soil quality or weather--to grow plants indoors for food.

Mrs. Ort said the part created by the CAD crew is called a "connector." It connected the two soda pop bottles together for the hydroponic garden.

Mrs. Ort is TC's adjunct teacher for college biology and anatomy courses through Edison State Community College. She has a double major in biology and chemistry, with a Master's degree in Anatomy/Bioethics.

The goal of the project was to teach students about photosynthesis and hydroponic gardening. Also, it was a review of how to use the scientific method to test a problem.

The project was a success thanks to a little help from the sun for photosynthesis.....and from the CAD students for making it all connect.

Great job Mrs. Ort, Mr. Mitchell, and all the TC college biology and CAD students!