ECEC Hike ‘n Serve ~ Little Givers Create Big Smiles

There is nothing more precious than watching our youngest TC students share God’s love by serving others. Their faces are so earnestly sweet while giving to others. And for some of these little ones, shyness is replaced with bravery in order to learn the importance of putting others before yourself.

On October 6 and 7, the preschool and pre-kindergarten students delivered pumpkins to the neighbors who live around our school. The small pie pumpkins were left on front doors with a note sharing our year verse, which says, in part, “ your neighbor as yourself.”

Wouldn’t it just make your day to come home and find a present on your doorstep?


The toddlers went by wagon fulls to the jr. high/high school and handed out mechanical pencils to the older students. It is a highlight for the big kids to receive something as simple as a mechanical pencil from these adorable toddlers during their school day. Class gets interrupted for a brief moment so sharing can take place.

As you can see, our Early Childhood students are loved. Great job ECEC teachers and staff for helping our little toddlers and preschoolers learn how to Hike ‘n Serve the neighborhood.

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