High School Technology Gets a Huge Upgrade with STEAM Wing and New Teachers

Robotics, Computer Aided Design and CNC training (coming 2016) are all part of the TC tech programs taking place in our new STEAM wing. Meet some of the great new instructors we have this year:

Lewis Rhodes -- Our new robotics program is led by Lewis Rhodes. He comes to TCS with years of experience as a lead robotics trainer from Yaksawa-Motoman. Mr. Rhodes has taught high school students, and he also has been a trainer in the military before joining Yaksawa. He was chaplain at WPAFB and has worked with students in ROTC. What a great asset we have to our TC family. Welcome Lew!

Here is Mr. Rhodes, engaging students as he teaches robotics to TC high school students.

Blair Jackson -- a former engineer/designer for Goodrich aviation aerospace and former robotics coach for WACO, Mr. Jackson has joined our faculty as the new CAD 2 instructor. He plans to incorporate ExtremeBot robotics into his classroom as a CAD 2 project. In Spring of 2016, he will take students to the Nutter Center to compete with their ExtremeBot robot. Watch this blog for pictures and results. We’re glad you’re part of our TC family Mr. Jackson!

Here’s Mr. Jackson teaching CAD 2 students using a SMART Board in one of the new STEAM wing classrooms.

Jared Mitchell -- While Mr. Mitchell isn’t new to our school (he’s been teaching math at TC for 13 years), he is new to the CAD 1 and 3D printing teacher position. He will be sharing skills he has been learning as he prepares to teach CNC in order to collaborate with Mr. Jackson.

We are going to be able to use our CNC machines to create parts for ExtremeBots. Did you catch that? We could design and CREATE our own parts!

There is so much happening in our STEAM wing! We will continue to keep you posted on the amazing things happening with our new equipment. Keep your eyes on this blog for lots of technology updates.

Here is Mr. Mitchell demonstrating a program on one of the dual-monitor computers in our new computer lab, located in the STEAM wing. This new computer lab was made possible, in part, thanks to a grant from The Troy Foundation.

Here’s a picture of what our robot looks like:

And here’s a picture of one of our three mini-CNC machines:

Is it what you thought they would look like? We are so grateful to Yaksawa-Motoman for the loan of our robot; and to an AutoDesk grant that helped toward the purchase of our three mini-CNC machines. We can’t wait to see what great training our students will receive with this new equipment...and with our great new instructors.

Photo credits: Emily Wilber

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