Mrs. Johnson Named Teacher of the Month

What a surprise for Troy Christian 1st grade teacher Mrs. Sara Jane Johnson when a group from WDTN Living Dayton and River Valley Credit Union came into her classroom with a huge check for $500 ($250 for the school, and $250 for her to keep).

Mrs. Johnson was named “Teacher of the Month” by River Valley Credit Union (RVCU) and WDTN channel 2.


“I was very surprised and honored to be selected,” said Mrs. Johnson. “I feel a bit energized by it all! The day they came, their TV camera was not working, so it was fun to be able to go down to the station and see the whole process. I also thought it was really neat and quite an honor that a Christian school was chosen!”

Mrs. Johnson stood out amongst the many applications reviewed by RVCU, according to program coordinator, Sue Montesano, who said they had never seen a classroom mission project for students quite like Mrs. Johnson’s. The TC teacher encouraged her children to earn money for an animal to donate to a poor family in another country through World Vision. Her students were determined to earn enough for a cow. Donating a dairy cow will “boost a family's protein and calcium intake, and supplement their income, by giving them their very own dairy cow,” according to information distributed by World Vision.  

“I am planning to use the $250.00 that the school received as "seed money" at the beginning of the next school year,” Mrs. Johnson stated.  “I would like to give each student/family $10 with the instructions of praying and thinking about how God could help them "grow" the money to benefit our Christmas shopping through the World Vision catalog.


Elementary Principal Amy Long wasn't surprised that Mrs. Johnson was selected for this honor.

“She doesn’t just encourage [her students] to give, she encourages them to find ways to make their own money to give,” Mrs. Long said, adding that one student earned money through a hot cocoa stand which “he ran in two states this year.” Another student made over $200 selling cinnamon rolls “which were beyond fantastic!”

“She lets the students look through the World Vision catalog and order,” Mrs. Long continued. “The kids are all in!”

Here’s the video that aired on WDTN on Monday, January 25:

World Vision has a program called “Donate a Dairy Cow.” Here is the link if you would like to learn more about this program. Donate a Dairy Cow | World Vision

Congratulations Sara Jane Johnson!