Mrs. Speck’s Jr. High LEGO Robotics Team Brings Home a Trophy

What do you get when you put a fun team of jr. high students, a robot, a First LEGO League tournament and Tim Horton’s TimBits together? A Trophy, that’s what!

On November 21st, our very own  jr. high LEGO Robots team, called RoboTCS, attended the Benjamin Logan FLL Regional Tournament. The theme of the event was “Trash Trek.” Our team walked away with the “Rising Star Award.”

These students: Carson Dickey, Isaac Leganic, Conor Ratliff, Collin Sebor, Brayden Tekubie and Jason Ward attended the competition. Team members Caleb Hundley and Carter Ritchey were there in spirit, but also run cross country and had a meet on the same day as the LEGO competition.

Here’s what the official’s said of the team when giving them the Rising Star trophy: “This team, demonstrating rookie talent, overcame deleted code and missing jigs, and still got the trash sorted out.  A successful grant, video, and appearance of a green man morph suit, this team has big plans for the future.  We give this year's Rising Star Award to Team 15898 RoboTCS.”

As part of the competition, the team had to complete a research project related to the theme of trash. Their research project focused on plastic bottles and a solution of recycling. They created a skit and will be showing a movie during chapel. This team even received a grant for $470 from the Miami County Solid Waste District to begin a recycling program at our school.


The RoboTCS Coach, Mrs. Speck was so proud of them. She said,  “These young men learned how to work together as a team, to hear each other's ideas and try them. They never gave up! It was fun to be part of this creative, fun, wiggly, TimBits-and-hot-chocolate-loving team!  They were very nice to me as I kept calling them with the wrong name Carson/Caleb/Carter/Conor/Collin...five kids with "C" names!  

Congratulations team -- You are Rising Stars in the LEGO Robotics world….and at TC!