TC Students Impacted the Community Through Hike ‘n Serve

“By working together, we can make a huge impact,” said high school Principal Scott Smith at the assembly after this year’s Hike ‘n Serve event on September 30.

This year, our 7th-12h grade students served 24 Miami County locations, while our K-6th graders took candy and “thank you” notes to our community workers.

Jr. high and high school students did yard work, painted, cleaned, visited with elderly, sang, prayed and helped with crafty-type art projects at these places:

Miami County Right to Life, Randall Residence, Brookdale (formerly Sterling House), SpringMeade, Caldwell House, Riverside of Miami County (15 residents), Hospice of Miami County, St Pat’s Soup Kitchen, Fulton Farms, Miami County Fairgrounds, Christian Life Center, Troy Riverside Cemetery, Miss DeeDee’s, Red Cross, Garden Maynor, Mayflower Arts Center, Miami County Parks, Floralview Apts., YMCA, Miami County Children Services, Hayner Cultural Center, Koinos Church, Lincoln Center, Partners in Hope.


The elementary students visited our fire fighters, Troy police, Chamber of Commerce, The Troy Foundation and Mayor Beamish of the City of Troy. Their bags of candy were spread all over Troy, and word spread around town about our sweet treats and thank you notes! The secretaries at the Mayor’s office said it was all smiles when they had enough candy bags for everyone who worked in the building.

And we want to thank Thrivent Financial for donating our awesome T-shirts! The “live generously” soft and cozy T-shirts are our favorite.

Thank you to Mrs. Shelly Calvert, Mrs. Kelli Szakal, Mrs. Julie Newcomer and Mrs. Pam Ondera who spent countless hours coordinating Hike ‘n Serve. These ladies did plenty of hiking and serving of their own to make this event possible.

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