Troy Christian Band Students Win Music Grant


In December, after the band concerts were over, an opportunity for a grant came along and our students didn’t miss a beat.

With just a short time to put a video together for a Logan’s Roadhouse music grant, our TC band members came in clutch. Literally. They had to create a top-notch video in three days. They wrote, sang, played and filmed. Mrs. Roberts spent hours editing.

The challenge given by the Logan’s Roadhouse grant was to creatively express a need for musical instruments. The theme was “Logan’s Music Wish List Grant.” Our band wished for a new drum set to replace the very old, very used drum set they have been using.

We found out December 30th that we won $1,250 for the new drum set.  Which is really cool…...but what’s even more impressive is that there were 825 entries from 23 states and less than 20 winners. We were one of those winners!

Here is the awesome video that got Logan’s Roadhouse’s attention:

What a great experience for these students. Keep your eye on this blog and TC social media for the official check presentation from Logan's Roadhouse. Soon we will all hear the band's jazzy new drum beat.