Two Wonderful New Teachers at the Elementary

What could be more fitting for our new blog than our TWO NEW ELEMENTARY TEACHERS? They have great stories. And we asked them to tell us something that would surprise us. They delivered!

Mrs. Donna Kephart -- 2nd grade teacher

Mrs. Kephart, who lives in Troy with her husband and three children, said their family joke is that they have 11 pets because 12 is too many!

“Our list includes: two dogs, two hamsters, two gerbils, two turtles, two fish, and one rabbit. The gerbils and fish are now living in my classroom at TC,” she said.

Mrs. Kephart has been involved in public school teaching, homeschool teaching, homeschool co-op teaching, and AWANA, as well as various other teaching positions at church. “I was privileged to be a leadership trainer for our national women's ministry board in our denomination for almost 10 years. I am excited to be back in the classroom setting, sharing the love of Jesus with my students and teaching them not only academic content in fun and creative ways, but also teaching the call of following our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” she said.

The Kepharts like to do activities outside together, and they take missions trips, often working at the Joni and Friends Family Retreats for families with disabilities.

And her surprising fact: Her family is going on a 12-day mission trip to Belize in January.

I guess that proves they do love mission trips! Welcome to Troy Christian elementary, Mrs. Kephart.

Mrs. Brittany Kavcsak -- 2nd grade teacher

Mrs. Kavcsak lives in Englewood with her husband, Chris, and two adorable young girls Isabella “Isa,” who is three, and Adelaide, who is 20 months. Their family hopes to move to Tipp City soon.

Mrs. Kavcsak’s favorite hobbies are running and lifting weights; reading with a hot cup of tea; and having dance parties with her kiddos.

“I knew from a young age that teaching was my gifting,” she said. “I have several passions, but teaching is what I have always desired as a career.”

She also noted that God placed a dream in her heart nine years ago that will blend well with her love of teaching.

“That dream is to live in Africa and love orphans. I am honored to share with you that He is making that dream a reality this winter break, as I travel to Swaziland, Africa with my church. It is there I will have the opportunity to love on and share the Gospel with several hundred children.”

She said both her goal AND her passion is to integrate this experience into her classroom as much as possible. She hopes her trip and the stories of the children she meets in Africa will touch the hearts of her students at Troy Christian.

And here’s her surprising fact: She is a nerd for all things British, especially London. Tea, authors, accents, and history…..“you give me anything related to the U.K. and I get giddy! My daughters are even named after my favorite British author, Jane Austen (Isabella Jane and Adelaide Austen). I did a study abroad in Cambridge, England during college and I have been hooked ever since!

Welcome to Troy Christian Mrs. Kavcsak!


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