Early College Program - College Credit Plus

To learn about Ohio's College Credit Plus  https://www.ohiohighered.org/content/college_credit_plus_info_students_families

College Credit Plus for Nonpublic School Families (Important dates and steps 1-4):  http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Quality-School-Choice/Private-Schools/College-Credit-Plus-for-Nonpublic-School-Families

Troy Christian High School recognizes that many high school students are ready for the rigors of college courses. Students in 7-12 grades may select from college courses offered on TCHS’s campus or select a college or university off campus. After successful completion of a course, a college transcript is issued by college. The following are benefits for TCHS’s on campus College Credit Plus (CC+) Program:

  • Students can earn college semester credit hours on TCHS’s campus.
  • Ninety-eight percent of students choose to stay on campus for their early college experience.
  • Students have college courses taught by Christian educators.
  • Students can take college courses and continue to experience all the advantages of high school life at Troy Christian – chapel, ESM Week, missions, service and leadership opportunities, and extracurricular activities in a Christ-centered learning environment.
  • Early college program on TCHS’s campus follows TCHS’s calendar.
  • All college courses are honors courses and are weighted unless noted in course description. (College courses have replaced many of our traditional honors & Advanced Placement (AP) courses previously offered. AP testing is available. Students must meet with the Guidance Director in fall to discuss).
  • Many students are entering college as a sophomore.
  • Huge college financial savings. College courses are available through the College Credit Plus (CC+) Program, formally referred to as Post Secondary Enrollment Option Program (PSEOP) and/or the Dual Enrollment Program. 

Troy Christian College Faculty

College classes are taught by Troy Christian faculty approved as adjunct instructors from Urbana University and/or Edison Community College. Each faculty member teaching a college course has earned his or her Master’s degree; has experience teaching the content area; has successfully completed summer training with the college or university; and meets all requirements set by The Ohio Department of Higher Education.

College Credit Plus (CC+)

This is an opportunity for 7-12 graders to enroll in college classes and fulfill both high school and college academic requirements. Students can attend a college or university off campus or enroll in classes on TCHS’s campus offered by Urbana University and Edison Community College.

Any student considering CC+ must complete a participation intent form. A student must meet all requirements of college or university, complete their application and be accepted by school. Deadlines are very important for participation in CC+.