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What is ESM?

Enrichment, Service, and Ministry

Troy Christian High School students attend non-traditional courses or trips during ESM Week. These courses/trips provide an opportunity for the teachers and students to explore topics that may be difficult to integrate into their regular curriculum. The students are encouraged to select an experience that fits with their own interests and budgets. Many of the courses include trips away from campus in order to gain first hand experience with a specific topic. It is our belief that such experiences help TCHS students make critical decisions in the college and career process.  

We offer a variety of topics each year. Course/trip fees range from minimal to several hundred dollars. There is definitely something for everyone! We allow seniors to make their selections first followed by juniors, sophomores and freshmen.  

2019 Course/trip selections will take place as follows:  Seniors on October 23, Juniors on October 24, Sophomores on October 25, and Freshmen on October 26, 2018.

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