Friends of TCS

This program allows parents, grandparents and friends of the High School, Jr. High, Elementary and Preschool to become involved by sharing their time and talents with the school. We will match the desires of the volunteers with the needs of the school through an organized process. This is a fun, but dedicated group where volunteers can determine the amount of time they wish to spend helping, as well as which area they want to assist. From people who prefer small tasks to those with specialized skills, Friends of TCS can utilize anyone who has a desire to be involved in our school. A special recognition will be held at the end of the year for the Friends of TCS. If interested, you must join the Friends of TCS by filling out a volunteer application for a background check. If you have helped in the past, please fill out a new form so we know where you would like to volunteer this year. Fill out a form and either mail it to the school or drop it off at the office. You will be contacted by the Friends of TCS coordinator, Carla Klosterman.