High School (9th-12th)


Paul Gibboney

Jr. High & High School Principal


937.339.5692, x135

Our high school program is tailored to give students the rigorous course selection, mentoring, enrichment, academic support, and leadership experiences that will prepare them for college or an advanced workforce career.

  • Literature and writing help students master the ability to think and write logically, fluidly, intelligently and with appropriate evidence and citations for a wide variety of purposes and audiences

  • Math and technology classes include geometry, calculus 1&2, CAD 1&2, robotics, statistics and trigonometry, gaming, video editing and more; utilizing GoPro video, robotics equipment, mini-CNC machines, 3D printers, brand new computer tech lab, advanced art, and collaboration room; students can graduate with CAD and technology/advanced manufacturing certifications

  • Online learning, independent studies, honors classes and college classes (taught by our adjunct professors on our campus)

  • Bible classes encourage deeper thinking with emphasis on “transformation of the heart,” while students also explore God-given talents and passions for career direction

  • Internships, mentors, personality tests, ACT/SAT prep, and leadership opportunities are given at appropriate grade levels for college/career success

  • Foreign language, athletics, missions trips, school musical, band, art (ceramics), honors choir, show choir, etc. give students a way to advance their talents and earn scholarships

early college program

Our Early College Program ties in with College Credit Plus, and allows students to stay on campus taught by our adjunct professors. We offer 14 courses at the TCHS campus or you can select a college or university off campus.