Homeschool (7-12th)


Our vision is to assist Christian parents in discipling their own children in godliness and in the proper development and use of their abilities in order to honor God, benefit the Body of Christ, and bless and evangelize people in their circles of influence.


Home education is a lifestyle, not just a pursuit of courses. While philosophies, objectives, and methodologies may vary among homeschoolers, the mammoth proportions of the task induce a lifestyle. While we cannot help families with the entire scope of their calling, we hope to support and encourage them by providing leadership, resources, and opportunities.

We will help parents plan courses that will lead to graduation, encouraging and counseling through the course work. Students may enroll in courses equaling up to two credits on campus each year and may also enroll in modular classes designed especially for our home school students. These students are also invited to participate in the extra-curricular activities, events, and sports that our school has to offer.

Our system is based upon documentation, which is fundamental to credibility. We provide parents and students with curriculum guides that lead them through their classes and the necessary texts and materials to accomplish the courses. We ask that each family maintains a lesson planner, and we can show parents how to use it. The planner documents the work agenda, the work completed, and the time spent working. The student is responsible to develop cumulative portfolios (notebooks) of work in all courses. We show parents how to determine and record grades for each class. The planner, the portfolios, and the grade sheets comprise the documentation.

Home school parents are looking for opportunities. They want to be part of the Body of Christ, sharing their gifts with others and receiving the benefits of working with other talented people. We want homeschoolers to take advantage of the programs and the resources we have to share. In turn, we are blessed by what our home school parents have to share with others: their character, encouragement, friendship, insight, and teamwork. The blessings flow full circle.