2019 Re-enrollment will begin Tuesday, January 8. Deadline is February 13 for current families. (Early Childhood Education Center enrollment must be completed through the ECEC office, please call the school office for instructions.) 

Until February 13 the K-12 re-enrollment fee is $200.00 per child, after that it goes up to $300.00 per child. 

Contact Heather Peters at hpeters@tcmail.org or 339-5692, x126, with any enrollment problems or questions.

1st-12 families, here's what to do by February 13:

  • Complete financial form only if you have changes to your existing payment plan or bank account information: log into Renweb > Family Information > Online Filing Cabinet > Complete the K-12 Financial Form.

  • Complete the TCS Transportation Form K12 Only. Everyone MUST complete this form, regardless if you want transportation or not: log into Renweb > Family Information > Online Filing Cabinet > TCS Transportation Form K-12 Only

  • Pay your reduced $200 registration fee per student: log into Renweb > Family Information > Family Billing; or you can send a check into the school office. NEW POLICY: Unpaid registration fees will be debited on February 15 ($300 per child) unless a withdraw form is submitted.

If you are not planning to return, you must complete a withdrawal form > go to the TCS website > Academics > High School > Parent Resources > Forms > Notice of Withdrawal or Change of Status.

Contact Heather Peters at hpeters@tcmail.org or 339-5692 X126 with any enrollment problems or questions.

Links for more information, including tuition schedules and forms:

K-12 Registration

Preschool Registration

Childcare Registration

Registering for Kindergarten:

Pre-K and Childcare/Preschool 4-year-old families, here's what to do by February 13:

  • You will receive the reduced current family registration fee of $200, HOWEVER, YOU MUST START THE NEW FAMILY/NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION PROCESS for entering the K-6 program by February 13th (fee goes up to $300 per child on February 14th).

  • Contact Heather Peters at 339-5692, x126, to start the enrollment process.

  • Even if you have attended preschool, childcare and/or Pre-K at TC, you still must contact Heather Peters to begin the kindergarten enrollment process. THIS IS NOT DONE THROUGH THE ECEC.

Kindergarten Considerations (due to waiting lists):

Click here for information about the 5- and 6-year-old Options Dinner on January 25.

If you have not made the decision for your child to enter Pre-K or Kindergarten, please enroll them into Kindergarten now and schedule your child for the spring Kindergarten screening. The screening will help you determine which class is best for your child. We may have a waiting list for Kindergarten, so register by January 31 to hold your Kindergarten spot, then make your final decision in spring.

If it is determined your child needs Pre-K, the difference between the K-12 registration fee and the ECEC registration fee will be credited to your RenWeb account. (At that time, you will complete the separate ECEC registration process for the Pre-K class.)