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Servant Leadership


We teach the importance of leadership skills at TC. Students are given opportunities in both traditional and nontraditional experiences to serve others. When given the chance to lead and serve, students gain confidence and passion. No matter what kind of an “influencer” your child will become, he or she will be able to explore servant leadership through our school-wide programs.

Elementary students -- participate in serving others all year long through their classroom service projects.

Sixth graders -- attend a week-long mission and enrichment trip together to serve in West Virginia; often this is their first time away from home for this long and they GROW!

Jr. high students -- serve together as a class at a camp, where they work and play.

High school students -- select a mission trip or experience through our Enrichment, Service, Mission (ESM) week each year. Students serve locally, nationally and globally.

All students -- serve our community at various times throughout the year. They lead at school in activities that fit their interests, such as athletics, music, student council, honors programs, and front desk help.