Spiritual Development

All classes are biblically integrated and a daily Bible or Christian Living  class is part of each student’s day. Bible curriculum at the elementary is based on Christian character development along with scripture memorization. In jr. high and high school Bible is a yearlong class in which the application of God’s Word and principles in everyday life are emphasized.

Chapel is a special time for the entire school to come together or to have time for each age group to praise, worship, pray, and study scripture. Each chapel is unique. Guest speakers, students, and faculty share about God’s work in their lives. Chapels honor special people in our lives, such as Veterans and also Grandparents.

We require and provide mission opportunities for all children in early childhood through 12th grade. 

• Each class selects a group of people to serve throughout the school year.

• Junior and senior high students have local, national, and global opportunities to be Christ’s hands and feet. 

• These experiences challenge students to use their leadership skills and strengthen their character when serving others.