Elementary Chapel

All School Chapel starts at 10:09 in the High School Gym Elementary (K- 6) starts at 9:10 in the Elementary Gym      

Split Chapels (K-4 starts at 9:10 in the Elementary Gym & 5-8 starts at 10:09 in the High School Gym)

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November 4, 2016 ~ Mr. Buston's 6th Grade ~ Serving For Happiness

On Friday, November fourth, Mr. Butson’s class presented an excellent chapel. His class talked about God’s love that pours into us. They said that when you accept the Holy Spirit into your heart, He pours His love into you. When you get the love of Jesus, you give it to someone else, and they pour their love into everyone else. Why did they choose this topic? Because they presented an example of what WE should do and what Jesus already did. By spreading the love of God through chores or helping out at church shows the love of Jesus.                                                              By: Carys W.

October 28, 2016 ~ Mrs. Gilfillen & Digger ~ How to Serve Like Digger

October 21 ~ TCE Students ~ Grandparents Day

October 14 ~ Mrs. Smith ~ Being a Servant Through Prayer

On Friday, October 14, Mrs. Gigi Smith spoke at the elementary chapel. She talked about her battle against cancer and her journey toward healing. Mrs. Smith explained a little bit about what cancer is, which is a horrible condition in which bad cells quickly grow, overtaking the good cells. She shared about her treatment and showed a few pictures of the doctors and nurses who took care of her. Mrs. Smith especially pointed out that children have a unique kind of faith, and she referred to the verse in the Bible that talked about Jesus wanting children to come to Him because God hears their prayers.                                                                              By: Kiersten S.

October 7 ~ Mrs. Plantz's 6th Grade ~ 6th Graders Guide To Grandparents Day

On the morning of October 7, Mrs. Plantz’s sixth grade class presented their chapel on the “do’s” and “dont’s” of Grandparent’s day. They included hilarious and memorable skits about how to help them with their canes, walk at their pace, and create an environment where they are safe from passer-by. It was a perfect balance of reminding the older students what was unacceptable and keeping the younger students laughing and entertained. And finally, they had one of the best original songs that this school has ever seen. By parodying the currently popular “whip” song and dance into a grandparents day song, no one is ever going to forget what to do for years to come. Mrs. Long even asked for an encore! Thank you to Mrs. Plantz’s class for filling us with the laughs and love to brighten our days here at TCE.                            By: Cailyn D.

September 23 ~ Dr. Wilber, How Do You Handle Excellence Like a Servant?

On Friday, September 23, Dr. Wilber spoke at chapel. He spoke about how being number one isn’t everything and that even if you are the most powerful person in the world, you should still serve others. Why? Because that is exactly what Jesus did. Jesus, the Son of Man, took the job of a servant and washed his disciples’ dirty feet. He even gave up his life for a world full of sinners. Dr. Wilber explained that he has the highest position in the school, but it really doesn’t matter. He is still able to humble himself and do things for other people. I don’t think he’s washed many feet, but I’m sure he would if presented with the opportunity. He inspired us all with his gentle words about the concept of servanthood, and what is has done for him.                                  By: Kiersten S.

September 16 ~ Mrs. Long, Who Does Jesus Call You To Serve?

September 9 ~ Mrs. Long, Who Are You Serving?

September 16 ~ Mrs. Long, Who Does Jesus Want You To Serve?