School Code is: 3 6 5 - 1 0 6

Here are some comparison charts and information for the ACT / SAT Tests.

Score Comparison Chart

ACT / SAT Differences

Universities/Colleges/Technical schools require entrance tests. The ACT and SAT are the placement tests that may be required for college/university acceptance

ACT & SAT: All students should begin taking these tests during their sophomore or junior years. However, it is an advantage to take these tests as sophomores or freshmen as well. This provides more opportunities to take the tests multiple times in an effort to increase scores. Students must register for these tests. Online registration is available at  www.actstudent.org or www.collegeboard.com. is available at at  or  Practice tests and a complete list of test dates are also listed at these sites. CollegeBoard www.collegeboard.com also has a helpful report to view your SAT score that explains score details, range, percentile and average and how your score could change if you retake the exam.  Sign in on the CollegeBoard website and go to My SAT. You will need to register an account in the My Organizer section.

PSAT: Freshman, sophomores and juniors may take this optional test administration. This is the practice test for the SAT. This test is given on campus and does not require registration. The test is administered at school on the Saturday date in October. NMSQT -National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is part of the PSAT. Check out www.collegeboard.com for more info.

PreACT: Freshman and sophomores will take this test at school. It is an important practice test for the ACT. This test is given on campus during the school day and does not require registration. Check out www.actstudent.org for more info.



ACT prep course at Edison Community College -Visit their website at www.edisonohio.edu for more information. There is a fee for these classes. These classes review math and English skills, test taking and time management tips, test questions and practice problems. 

 TippMonroe Community Center  - Visit their website at www.tmcomservices.org Check payment methods online and download medical form and mail in.

Educational Testing Services  - Visit their website at www.ets.org

E-Knowledge- visit their website at http://eknowledge.com/NFHS From the National Federation of State High School Association- Free SAT/ACT Power prep. 

ePrep - visit their website at www.eprep.com  ePrep provides online SAT, ACT, and PSAT test preparation courses delivered by experts through engaging, on-demand video lessons.

Kaplan - visit their website at www.kaptest.com

Khanacademy - visit their website at www.khanacademy.org/  Free world class test prep for the new SAT

Huntington Learning Center - visit their website at https://huntingtonhelps.com/                   175 E. Alex-Bell Road, Suite 212
Cross Pointe Shopping Center
Centerville, OH 45459
Phone: 937-433-9300

Sylvan Learning - Visit their website at https://www.sylvanlearning.com/                                     875 S Dixie Dr                                                                                                                      Vandalia, Ohio, 45377

(937) 898-6686

PowerScore Test Preparation - Visit their website at https://www.powerscore.com/

Torch Prep - visit their website at http://www.torchprep.com/ or call (888) 382-8174 or email Info@torchprep.com