As I sit in the peacefulness of my quite art room getting ready for the start of a new year, I reflect on the gifts I have been given. I am beyond blessed to be teaching at Troy Christian. I am so excited to continue to get to know your children and learn from them. Yes, learn from them. I am amazed with things children teach me every day.

I am extremely right brained and have loved all things creative since as long as I can remember.  From a very young age I recall the sense of accomplishment I felt while developing an idea and creating something with my own hands. What a joy it is for me to share this with my students.

I fully believe that the visual art education plays a very important part in a student’s complete education. Art class is not only fun, it teaches a student to make decisions and problem solve. Through this process children can grow and develop a sense of identity.

Students in my classroom will be exposed to a large variety of art media and art history. They will participate in the artistic process from developing ideas, creation and reflection. I will provide a foundation for my students that will help them as they mature as artists and individuals, adapting to fit individual needs, to help each student reach their full potential. I hope my class will enable your children to understand, appreciate and express their unique view of our world.

The children at Troy Christian are very talented. Please stop by the school from time to time to view the student art work. It is very exciting each time the halls are transformed into a brand new exhibit for all to enjoy.

Dawn Flory

TCE ART Teacher