The heart of education is the education of the heart.



Gary Wilber


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Jeanne ward

Assistant Superintendent

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Dean of Students

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Director of Student Leadership

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Early childhood education center


Carla Spatz

ECEC Director

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Barbara Ruland

ECEC Curriculum Director

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We offer excellent and varied programs designed to meet the needs of your family. Our classrooms are intended for children to grow and learn in a safe, creative, and caring environment. We are staffed with qualified and dedicated teachers selected for their love of children and the Lord as well as their commitment to providing educational opportunities that support the best principles of early childhood development.

It is our goal to offer a variety of enriched activities for the cognitive, social, physical, creative, emotional, and spiritual development of children. We feel this is best accomplished through a close relationship with you. We consider it a privilege to serve your family and look forward to making a positive difference in your child’s life.

Our Early Childhood Education Center is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education and meets or exceeds their expectations and compliance standards. We are open from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, year round.

We will be glad to schedule a tour of our facility and discuss our program.


Offering childcare for infants through school-age children


Offering preschool classes for 3-and 4-year olds and

Pre-Kindergarten classes for 5-year olds

Elementary (K-6th)


Amy Long

Elementary Principal

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Our elementary program provides a strong foundation in reading, writing, math, science, and history/social studies, along with a rich technology emphasis and extra-curricular interests.

  • Reading program utilizes a phonetic approach

  • Literature and writing skills are taught with excellence at each grade level

  • Science, math, and technology integrates advanced concepts using latest equipment, such as iPads, 3D printers, LEGO robotics--all with hands-on learning through our STEM lab

  • Critical thinking and problem solving are emphasized across all subject areas and grade levels

  • Music, band, choir, art and physical education are a part of each child’s week

  • Athletics, extracurricular subjects, weekly chapel, and field trips round-out our strong curriculum and provide leadership opportunities

  • Bible lessons and character development are taught in the classroom

Jr. High (7th & 8th)


Paul Gibboney

Jr. High & High School Principal

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Our  jr. high program continues to expand strong curriculum foundations for students while also preparing them emotionally and spiritually for their high school years.

  • Research, writing and communications skills are expanded

  • Biology, along with earth, space, and physical science are explored through general study and hands-on laboratory experiences

  • World history and American history are taught and analyzed with a biblical worldview

  • Math program includes pre-algebra and algebra 1

  • Technology emphasized with robotics teams, 3D printers, and STEM electives

  • Band, choir, physical education, art, and computer are offered

  • Bible classes become important for sharing struggles, joys, and “heart” issues

High School (9th-12th)


Paul Gibboney

Jr. High & High School Principal

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Our high school program is tailored to give students the rigorous course selection, mentoring, enrichment, academic support, and leadership experiences that will prepare them for college or an advanced workforce career.

  • Literature and writing help students master the ability to think and write logically, fluidly, intelligently and with appropriate evidence and citations for a wide variety of purposes and audiences

  • Math and technology classes include geometry, calculus 1&2, CAD 1&2, robotics, statistics and trigonometry, gaming, video editing and more; utilizing GoPro video, robotics equipment, mini-CNC machines, 3D printers, brand new computer tech lab, advanced art, and collaboration room; students can graduate with CAD and technology/advanced manufacturing certifications

  • Online learning, independent studies, honors classes and college classes (taught by our adjunct professors on our campus)

  • Bible classes encourage deeper thinking with emphasis on “transformation of the heart,” while students also explore God-given talents and passions for career direction

  • Internships, mentors, personality tests, ACT/SAT prep, and leadership opportunities are given at appropriate grade levels for college/career success

  • Foreign language, athletics, missions trips, school musical, band, art (ceramics), honors choir, show choir, etc. give students a way to advance their talents and earn scholarships

early college program

Our Early College Program ties in with College Credit Plus, and allows students to stay on campus taught by our adjunct professors. We offer 14 courses at the TCHS campus or you can select a college or university off campus. 



Sara Speranza

Elementary Intervention

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tricia Peters

Jr. High & High School Intervention

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Troy Christian implements an inclusionary model for delivery of support services for students with identified disabilities. Students eligible for special education services are supported by intervention specialist staff, who assist in designing accommodations and necessary modifications to curriculum and instruction within the typical classroom. In addition, intervention specialists and certified teachers of mathematics and language arts host “Skill-Building Sessions” for students with disabilities who are experiencing gaps in foundational concepts. Supports for clarification of task and assessments are also provided by our intervention specialists  and math / language arts teams. TCHS has formed an intervention assistance team, designed to help teachers identify specific instructional and learning impediments demonstrated by their students and to apply research-based intervention strategies.



Steve Peterson

Guidance Director

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Amy Slone

Scheduling and Testing Coordinator

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Our goal is to always provide the very best academic opportunities for our students. Conflicts will occur, but we are committed to work with you for a solution. God has amazing plans for each of our students and our desire is to make sure each student is prepared as he or she works toward that plan. 

Our Student Course Book will be available the end of January with the scheduling dates and process. Our Guidance Department will be visiting grades 8 -11 in January and February to explain the process and help students prepare for making course selections.  In the January Parent Page, look for information on our online classes, Early College Program, and additional opportunities for students to meet their individual interests and needs. Another resource is the HS Grid worksheet for planning.

Our Guidance Department is available to assist you and your student as we partner to make the academic experience positive and relevant as we prepare our students to be S.A.L.T. in their world now.  Let us know if we can be of service.

Please contact Mrs. Amy Slone at for specific scheduling questions and assistance.



Emily Knife

Director of Technology

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The technology courses are arranged to provide a natural progression of skills and concepts. Through various projects, the students are provided the means of integrating these skills into other areas of their studies and lives.

Students in our Preschool through 6th grade start becoming familiar with technology in Preschool and continued through 6th grade. Our upper elementary school classes use MS Office application programs to enhance their classroom learning. Students may create PowerPoint presentations of the book they read or chart stock market results using Excel.

Our Jr. High students have the opportunity to advance their technology proficiency by taking courses that introduce them to the basics of Microsoft Office Applications. We also provide keyboarding for those students who did not have the benefit of being a part of our elementary school technology program.

In our High School Computer Application I course students learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel. In Computer Application II our students further their knowledge and become advanced users of Microsoft Office programs, including Access software for personal and educational use. Media Arts & Design, Programming for Game Creation & Design, PC Repair/A+, Computer-Aided Design, Web Design & Development and Business Math using accounting software are few of the other courses made available to our students. We also provide independent on-line study courses such as Visual Basic for those students who are interested in perusing computer programming. The Technology Department is also charged with providing support to Troy Christian Schools' numerous E-Learning courses developed in-house for our students. 

home education / Blended learning (7th-12th)


Carol hacker

Home Education Director

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Our vision is to assist Christian parents in discipling their own children in godliness and in the proper development and use of their abilities in order to honor God, benefit the Body of Christ, and bless and evangelize people in their circles of influence.


Home education is a lifestyle, not just a pursuit of courses. While philosophies, objectives, and methodologies may vary among homeschoolers, the mammoth proportions of the task induce a lifestyle. While we cannot help families with the entire scope of their calling, we hope to support and encourage them by providing leadership, resources, and opportunities.

We will help parents plan courses that will lead to graduation, encouraging and counseling through the course work. Students may enroll in courses equaling up to two credits on campus each year and may also enroll in modular classes designed especially for our home school students. These students are also invited to participate in the extra-curricular activities, events, and sports that our school has to offer.

Our system is based upon documentation, which is fundamental to credibility. We provide parents and students with curriculum guides that lead them through their classes and the necessary texts and materials to accomplish the courses. We ask that each family maintains a lesson planner, and we can show parents how to use it. The planner documents the work agenda, the work completed, and the time spent working. The student is responsible to develop cumulative portfolios (notebooks) of work in all courses. We show parents how to determine and record grades for each class. The planner, the portfolios, and the grade sheets comprise the documentation.

Home school parents are looking for opportunities. They want to be part of the Body of Christ, sharing their gifts with others and receiving the benefits of working with other talented people. We want homeschoolers to take advantage of the programs and the resources we have to share. In turn, we are blessed by what our home school parents have to share with others: their character, encouragement, friendship, insight, and teamwork. The blessings flow full circle.