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Please take a few minutes to look over our Technology Progression from Preschool to High School and our High School technology course offerings. If you have any questions about our technology programs feel free to contact Troy Christian Schools.

Emily M. Knife

TCS Director of Technology

Technology Progression

From Preschool To High School

The technology courses are arranged to provide a natural progression of skills and concepts. Through various projects, the students are provided the means of integrating these skills into other areas of their studies and lives.

Students in our Preschool through 6th grade start becoming familiar with technology in Preschool and continued through 6th grade. Our upper elementary school classes use MS Office application programs to enhance their classroom learning. Students may create PowerPoint presentations of the book they read or chart stock market results using Excel.

Our Jr. High students have the opportunity to advance their technology proficiency by taking courses that introduce them to the basics of Microsoft Office Applications. We also provide keyboarding for those students who did not have the benefit of being a part of our elementary school technology program.

In our High School Computer Application I course students learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel. In Computer Application II our students further their knowledge and become advanced users of Microsoft Office programs, including Access software for personal and educational use. Media Arts & Design, Programming for Game Creation & Design, PC Repair/A+, Computer-Aided Design, Web Design & Development and Business Math using accounting software are few of the other courses made available to our students. We also provide independent on-line study courses such as Visual Basic for those students who are interested in perusing computer programming. The Technology Department is also charged with providing support to Troy Christian Schools' numerous E-Learning courses developed in-house for our students.