Financial Assistance information

Troy Christian schools offers financial assistance, within the limits of available funds. Financial assistance is awarded to families on the basis of need as determined by an outside assessment agency. Please visit the fast website to complete a financial aid application.

The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) program provides students from underperforming public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. The program provides up to 60,000 EdChoice scholarships to eligible students. Click here for more information on the EdChoice scholarship.


The Jon Peterson special needs scholarship program provides scholarships to students who are eligible to attend kindergarten through 12th grade and have an individualized education program (IEP) from their district of residence. The amount of each scholarship will be based on the disability identified on the student’s IEP and will not exceed $27,000. Click here for more information on the Jon Peterson special needs scholarship.

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(Tuition reduction through gift card purchases)

What is the Scrip program? Scrip is a program where you purchase gift cards and receive money back in the form of tuition reduction.

Click here for more information on Scrip.