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New Family Orientation

Welcome to Troy Christian Schools

Here at Troy Christian we are committed to providing excellence in all areas of education as we prepare students' hearts and minds to meet the challenges of the current world. It is essential for us to provide our students with a life lens based upon a biblical perspective so that they apply His truths to their daily lives. Our constant prayer is that students will experience a heart transformation that goes far beyond the classroom and be able to identify and use their gifts and talents to honor God and further His kingdom. God has great plans for each student. What a privilege it is to partner with parents to help students begin to see His plan for their lives. 

Our vision is that students will be SALT In their world now - to Speak, Act, Lead and Think like Jesus. We are thankful for God's faithfulness to this ministry. We diligently seek His direction as we take on the challenge of preparing our students for their future.

His Servant and Yours, 
Dr. Gary Wilber

The Heart of TC

What we do and why we do it

Troy Christian students will be SALT in their world NOW. (Matthew 5:13)

SALT = Speak (Ephesians 4:29-31), Act (Galatians 5:22-24), Lead (Mark 10:43-45), & Think (Philippians 4:8-9) Like Jesus

R2G2 = Respect, Responsibility, Gratitude, Genuineness

We strive to equip our students to become productive members of church and society, demonstrating leadership and service as they learn and experience their God-given gifts and talents. Our desire is that our students develop a genuine relationship with Christ resulting in attitudes and actions that manifest respect, responsibility, and gratitude.

Academics at TC

The purpose of the academic program at Troy Christian is to prepare students to pursue a life of purpose and calling based on how God has uniquely created them.
At Troy Christian, we believe that true education seeks both the education of the mind and the transformation of the heart. Our teaching staff is at the core of this mission. Our teachers are individuals who love God, care deeply about our students, and have the qualifications to teach with excellence. While we do have Bible classes as a part of their regular schedule, students will find Biblical teaching integrated throughout all the subject areas.

Our goal is to provide students at every level the opportunities to stretch themselves academically while providing the necessary support to be successful in each class. We strive to offer unique areas of study for students to explore their passions and giftedness in order to have a more clear picture of what further education and vocation they may pursue after their time at Troy Christian.
Our curriculum is guided by state content standards and reviewed and selected by our teachers and administration. We participate in state testing for reading competency and graduation requirements for the Ohio Department of Education. We also use Terra Nova testing at the elementary level to help gauge student progress and prepare them for the next level of academics.  We have honor courses and a robust College Credit Plus program where students are able to take college classes on our campus taught by our teachers as adjunct professors for local colleges. The average student graduates with 21 college credit hours and some graduate with as many as 40 or more. We also offer technology and CAD certifications for students to achieve while taking technology classes.

Spiritual Life

Chapel is the core experience to student life at Troy Christian. This time is critical to us growing in our faith as a community as we come together for powerful worship and dynamic preaching.  These worship times are student-led and provide the opportunity for us all to learn how to follow Jesus better as we take on topics and issues that we need to see growth in as a community. Students have an opportunity to learn how to lead worship, deliver a sermon, work with incredible production technology, and lead through serving during our chapel times. Chapel is organized by students along with our staff ministry team. Our goal is that students would come to know Christ as their savior and learn to live as he teaches us to live.

Student Life

When you are a part of Troy Christian Schools, you are are part of our family.  We believe in the power and design of community and our desire is for each member of the TCS community to flourish.  
Our student life is designed to provide students with opportunities and allow them to step into their God-given design and potential.  Students develop and sharpen their gifts through these activities.



Athletics are an important part of a student’s experience of a Christian community during their time in school. Student-athletes learn valuable lessons in teamwork, responsibility, work ethic, and overcoming adversity. These lessons assist in the development of their character and values as they learn to live lives that glorify God. 

The purpose of our athletic department is to complement our commitment to academics and Christ-like character and to facilitate athletic programs of excellence grounded in integrity and sportsmanship in a Christ-centered environment. Every team each season works hard to create the best possible opportunity for student-athletes to develop to their full potential individually and as a team. 

Visual Arts

At TCS we believe in cultivating the arts by equipping our students with the tools and opportunities needed to develop their God-given gifts.  We try to offer a variety of ways to engage in the arts as each student is created with individual talents and giftings. Our Visual Arts opportunities seek to inspire and equip students. 

Performing Arts

The performing arts are a beautiful collaboration of different skills coming together to create something they couldn’t do alone. We provide opportunities for students to gain experience in music, dance and theatre and strive to equip them with the tools for growth that they need.

Virtual Tour of Troy Christian

You can take a virtual tour of our Early Childhood, Elementary, or Jr. High & High School.

Early Childhood


Jr. High and High School

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