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Graduate Profile - Class of 2021

List of 7 items.

  • 61

  • 1,211

    College semester credit hours earned while in high school 
  • 92%

    Graduates enrolled in post-secondary study
  • 69%

    Graduates who received scholarships 
  • 70%

    Graduates enrolled in four-year college or university 
  • 23%

    Graduates enrolled in Christian four-year college or university 
  • 18%

    Graduates enrolled in two-year college 

Test Scores


TCHS Average* Ohio Average National Average
23.0 20.0 20.7
*Test scores of all students, plus those with special education plans, are included in these figures.

Programs Offered at TCHS

List of 4 items.

  • Lab Courses Offered -

    Chemistry, Physical Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, and Biology.
  • Honors Classes Offered -

    6, not including CCP (College Credit Plus) courses
    • Honors Algebra 2
    • Honors Chemistry
    • Honors English 10
    • Honors American History
    • Honors English 9
    • Honors Geometry

    10 additional on-campus CCP courses weighted as honors
  • Online classes available, as needed

  • College courses through CCP offered on campus -


Calendar & Schedule

2 semesters / four 9-week grading periods
8:20 AM to 3:04 PM school day
42 minute class length
8 period class day

College Credit Plus (CCP)

We have partnered with Edison State Community College, Sinclair College, and Cedarville University to offer CCP classes on our campus. This allows our students to receive high school and college credits from Christian professors and still remain on our campus.

  • College courses offered at TCHS -

    1 course from Cedarville University
    1 course from Sinclair Community College
    13 courses from Edison State Community College
  • Students participating in CCP -

    42% of 9th-12th grade students

Extracurricular Activities

Students find opportunities to be involved in student council, athletics, choral and band groups, speech, chapel presentations, missions, service projects, academic competitions, National Honor Society, theater, and leadership development. Athletics include baseball,  basketball, cheerleading, cross-country, football, golf, soccer, softball, track, swimming, volleyball, and wrestling.

Special Needs and Intervention Services

Troy Christian implements an inclusionary model for delivery of support services for students with identified disabilities. Students eligible for special education services are supported by intervention specialist staff, who assist in designing accommodations and necessary modifications to curriculum and instruction within the typical classroom. In addition, intervention specialists and certified teachers of mathematics and language arts host “Skill-Building Sessions” for students with disabilities who are experiencing gaps in foundational concepts. Supports for clarification of task and assessments are also provided by our intervention specialists  and math / language arts teams. TCHS has formed an intervention assistance team, designed to help teachers identify specific instructional and learning impediments demonstrated by their students and to apply research-based intervention strategies.

Grading Scales

Jr. High & High School Grading Policy

Grades earned from all subjects, including Bible, in grades 9-11 and in the first semester of grade 12 are used to compute the student’s final rank in class.

A student’s GPA (grades 9-11) is calculated at the end of each year. Only credits earned by attending classes at TCHS and approved CCP and dual enrollment classes are calculated for the GPA. CCP and dual enrollment class grades are based upon the college grading scale.

Grading Scale 1st-12th

Grade Regular Honors
A 90 - 100 4.0 5.0
B 80 - 89 3.0 4.0
C 70 -79 2.0 3.0
D 65 - 69 1.0 1.0
F 64 or Below 0.0 0.0

Honor Roll = 3.4 GPA
Honor Roll = 3.4 GPA

Grading Scale Kindergarten

E Excellent
S Steady Progress
N Needs to Improve

Graduation Requirements

In keeping with the school’s focus on high academic standards, graduation requirements at TCHS exceed the state of Ohio requirements.

In order to graduate, a student must complete 1 of 3 pathways and earn a minimum of 24 credits in the following subject areas, in addition to a credit of Bible for each year of attendance:
Subject Area Credits
English 4
Mathematics 4
Science 3
Social Stiudies 3
Physical Education ½
Health ½
Technology 1
Foreign Language 2
Fine Arts 1
Electives 5