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Student Life
Spiritual Life / Chapel


Every year, Troy Christian Junior High and High School students participate in ESM, a transformative week of enrichment, service, and missions. This week, fondly known as ESM, is truly amazing. It's a testament to God's work as we witness the growth and transformation in our students and staff. ESM plays a vital role in fulfilling TC's mission and vision.

ESM week offers TC students unique opportunities for non-traditional courses and trips, allowing them to explore subjects beyond the regular curriculum. Students are encouraged to choose experiences that match their interests and budget. Many of these courses involve off-campus trips, providing valuable firsthand experiences. These immersive experiences help TCHS students make crucial decisions about their college and career paths.

Troy Christian Schools annually offers a wide range of topics, with course and trip fees ranging from $100 to $2,500 to accommodate everyone. Explore the ESM descriptions below to discover these opportunities and make an informed decision that aligns with your child's interests, family schedule, and finances.

Sign-ups for ESM 2024 will occur from October 2 to October 5. Students must be ready to sign up on their designated day. Seniors get the first selection day on October 2, followed by juniors on October 3, sophomores on October 4, and freshmen on October 5. Students need to come prepared with three choices, giving them a backup option in case their top choice is full. To secure their spot, students must bring a signed ESM registration form and the applicable deposit by October 9.

International Mission Trips

Bahamas Mission Trip

It’s all about being S.A.L.T. in our world now and growing in deeper relation with our Lord & Savior. TCS has experienced the Lord’s hand draw us into a partnership with a Christian school in the Bahamas. As this relationship has developed, our desire is to involve our whole school in this partnership. We are excited to invite our high school students to actually go and serve at the Chapel on the Hill Campus in Nassau, Bahamas. There will be plenty of mission and service opportunities on this beautiful 11 acre campus that houses their Christian school, retreat center, and church. Students will spend the warm days working with children, providing assistance around their facilities, and even taking some time to enjoy the culture and sights. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to develop spiritually and as a leader.

Coahuila, Mexico

Embarking on a mission trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico, a border city neighboring Eagle Pass, Texas, promises a transformative experience. We will stay at the Lighthouse Mission, serving alongside Renovacion De Vida, a dedicated partner church with a longstanding relationship of over 14 years in the community. Your mission will involve diverse opportunities, such as working with underprivileged children, improving mission facilities, offering support to immigrants, comforting hospital patients, and ministering to incarcerated juveniles. The journey also includes special youth and worship services and the potential to join the local congregation for Sunday worship, fostering cross-border connections. Travel will begin with a flight to San Antonio and a 3-hour drive to Piedras Negras. The church will provide interpreters, facilitating meaningful communication throughout your mission. This journey promises to be a remarkable opportunity to make a positive impact while fostering deep connections with the community of Piedras Negras.

Dominican Republic Mission Trip

Students will travel to the Dominican Republic to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our host ministry will be SCORE International. While in the Dominican we will be focusing our evangelism work around several projects. The goal is to partner with Emanuel House to serve the families of the students at the school. We will be sharing the Gospel, supporting a medical team & working on building projects.


Students will travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to partner with Dream On: Global in their conviction that "The church will dream again!" From pizza parties with those in need, to a crusade where thousands gather to experience the life-changing presence of Jesus, the team will be on a relentless mission to see eyes opened, hope restored, and purpose revived. When the team is not ministering at a church or serving in the community, there will be space for each person to dream with God about their future and calling. As the team explores Honduras's wild and unforgettable beauty, God will awaken hearts and draw each one into their destiny. We will do this alongside Pastor Wilmer Godoy, who has faithfully served his nation and 23 campuses for over 20 years. We hope you will join us!

Jamaica Mission Trip

Students will travel to St. Mary, Jamaica to partner with ACE, the American Caribbean Experience, Christ-based outreach ministry dedicated to community transformation through strategic initiatives in education, enterprise, healthcare, and discipleship. ACE has been ministering on the island for over 20 years and welcomes you to join them to be the hands and feet of Christ to the people of Jamaica! The trip would include a building project, serving at a local school, and caring for patients at an infirmary. While in Jamaica, you will spend some time learning about the culture and meet some of the locals who have been able to start business through the help of ACE. Visit www.acexperience.org for information about ACE.

Domestic Trips

Defending A Biblical Worldview Trip

Take a tour of a replica of Noah’s ark and the Creation Museum; search for fossils at Caesar’s Creek Park; learn how to defend the authority of scripture and how the evidence of a worldwide flood supports the biblical view of the age of the earth. Learn how to present information to others as you defend your faith against the so called “science” the world presents as truth. The week will conclude with students presenting information learned to elementary age children.
This trip involves one overnight stay. All other nights will be spent at home.

Florida Mission Trip

Students will travel by plane to take part with a mission near Tampa, Florida. Our tasks include daycare for the children of Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban migrants. Building projects may also be a part of the trip as well as general maintenance, painting, inventory, and food service. Students also have an opportunity to come into contact with the migrants through the food pantry, clothing distribution, and home visits. Students are stretched as they share Christ with others who speak little or no English.

Discovering Your Life Purpose Trip

This retreat allows students to explore how God has uniquely created and wired each student for a life of purpose. Students will spend time exploring personality and strengths along with the different experiences God has used in their lives to shape who they are becoming. Students develop a better understanding of who God has designed them to be and are more equipped to know how to partner with God in what He is doing in the world. This is a four-day overnight retreat at the Wilber/Ward lake house at Norris Lake, Tennessee using the curriculum we have developed for our juniors and seniors.


Our educational and service project trip to Nashville, Tennessee, promises to be an enriching and heartwarming experience. During our time in this vibrant city, we'll delve into the world of the Christian music industry, immersing ourselves in the intricacies of sound and video production. It's an opportunity to understand how faith and creativity intersect in the music industry, providing us with valuable insights into the power of music as a form of expression and inspiration. However, our journey extends beyond just learning; we'll also dedicate our time and energy to serving a homeless ministry, helping those in need, and positively impacting the local community. And amidst our educational and service activities, we'll be sure to explore the fun side of Nashville. This trip promises to be a perfect blend of learning, service, and adventure, leaving us with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the city of Nashville.

Performing Arts Trip

Our Performing Arts experience begins with an extraordinary two-night enrichment experience in Cincinnati. We'll start our journey by attending the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company's mesmerizing performance of "Julius Caesar." We will explore the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music and Xavier's Theater Department on Monday. On Tuesday evening, we'll end our trip to Cincinnati with the enchanting "Peter Pan" at the Aronoff Center. Back in Troy, we will further explore the world of drama through workshops and engaging in impactful service projects. This program promises an unforgettable adventure for minds eager to explore the world of theater and community engagement.

Washington, D.C. Trip

Faith, history, and education come together in Washington, DC! Our nation’s capital will inspire you. Arlington National Cemetery will move you. And you will contemplate God’s hand in America’s history and the role of people of faith in our country.
On this unique trip, you will see the White House, Washington Monument, National Archives, and National Zoo. We will tour the grounds of Capital Hill. We will explore Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian Museum, the Holocaust Museum, and the Museum of the Bible. We will visit thought-provoking memorials and learn from the sacrifices of others. Finally, this trip will challenge you to consider what part you will play in God’s plan for our nation’s future.

Wilderness Retreat Zion

Do you need a break from the daily pressures of life to hear from God? He says, “Come away with me, and I will give you rest” (Mark 6:31). Retreat is good. Retreat allows us to use the gifts of time, quiet, and fellowship to know God more intimately so we can serve him more joyfully. If Jesus, the Savior of the World, went into the wilderness often to find rest and hear His father’s voice, how much more so do those who love Him need to seek the quiet places of nature? The Wilderness Retreat in Zion National Park offers the tranquility of placid lakes, desert places, and mountaintop experiences, as well as the adventure of wild rivers, narrow canyons, and exposed summits, all of which God will use to rejuvenate your spirit. Plan on a physical and spiritual adventure. Some personal hiking and camping equipment will need to be purchased for this trip.
$1,200-1,500 (pending airfare)

Local Opportunities

Culinary Arts Cares Experience

This opportunity will be the perfect blend of service and cooking. You’ll have the opportunity to learn some basic-and-beyond cooking skills as you create delicious fare. You will choose menus, cook, experience others’ cooking, and serve others through the gift of meals. After eating that delectable cuisine, you will serve those who are experiencing food insecurity at different area food pantries.

Home Economics Experience

Learning and serving are front and center in this class. It will include an introduction to the sewing machine, commercial patterns, introductory hand and sewing machine stitches, and an in-class final project. Students will spend half of their days working on creating a project. The second half of the day will be spent serving at different non-profit organizations in the Troy area. This is an excellent opportunity to impact our local community.

Project Dayton Service Project

Calling students with a servant’s heart! Do you enjoy ministering to the poor, elderly, or physically challenged? This year we will be working with various organizations in the Dayton area to serve right in our own backyards. Projects may include minor construction, painting, cleaning, yard work, packing, sorting, etc. This is a wonderful opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a very practical way!

Teacher Practicum Experience

Are you thinking about becoming a teacher or love working with children? Then sign up to work alongside one of our elementary teachers so you can change perspective and view school through the eyes of a teacher. You will have the opportunity to help tutor students, grade papers, teach a short lesson, and create a bulletin board. When you sign up, please let us know what grade most interests you and we will do our best to place you in that grade range.

Junior High ESM Trips

7th Grade ESM Experience

From Monday through Thursday, our junior high students will travel to
Skyview Ranch, where they will have an awesome outdoor experience!
Skyview Ranch is staffed by Christian outdoor enthusiasts who guide
our students in various work projects - clearing forest debris, cutting up firewood, cleaning the pond, and other exciting service projects. In addition to the work projects, the students will participate in team-building activities and group games. The Skyview Ranch staff, in partnership with our TC teachers, prepare multiple worship opportunities and devotional experiences for the students. There will be no school on Friday for junior high.

8th Grade ESM Experience

8th-grade students are in for an exciting adventure at Butler Springs Christian Camp, where outdoor thrills await! This trip emphasizes spiritual growth, service, and stewardship from Monday through Thursday. Work projects may involve moving and stacking firewood, general brush cleanup, and painting or staining, instilling values of responsibility and environmental stewardship. In the tranquil setting of Butler Springs, students will deepen their faith through worship and devotional experiences. The itinerary also includes engaging team-building activities, high ropes courses, and exciting group games that enhance teamwork and leadership skills.
For junior high students, there will be no school on Friday—a day designated for rest and reflection.

ESM Resources


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  • How do I assist my student in selecting an ESM experience?

    To assist your student in selecting an ESM experience, follow these steps:
    1. Discuss the Importance of the Trip: Sit down with your son or daughter and have a heartfelt conversation about the significance of the ESM trip. Emphasize that these experiences are not just about having fun, but about personal growth and serving others. Explain that the trips will challenge them mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, providing opportunities to discover passions, develop abilities, and foster leadership skills while embodying Jesus' love for those in need.

    2. Consider Your Family's Schedule: Carefully examine your family's calendar and commitments to choose the trip that best aligns with your schedule. Keep in mind that deposits for the trips are non-refundable, and once airline tickets are purchased or other costs are incurred, your family is responsible for all fees involved, regardless of whether the student ultimately participates.

    3. Pray Together: Encourage your student to seek guidance through prayer in selecting the right trip for them. Acknowledge that not all trips may be suitable for every student, and that's perfectly okay. Allow them the space to discern and listen to their inner calling, whether it leads them to a local, national, or global mission.

    By following these steps, you can help your student make a thoughtful and meaningful decision, ensuring that their chosen ESM experience aligns with their interests, abilities, and schedule while fostering personal growth and enriching their faith journey.
  • How do I sign-up for a class or a trip?

    Course/trip selections will take place as follows:
    • Seniors on October 2
    • Juniors on October 3
    • Sophomores on October 4
    • Freshmen on October 5
    Signing up for an ESM class/trip will hold your place, but students will not be officially enrolled in the class/trip until a completed ESM sign-up form and applicable deposit are submitted to the school office. The ESM sign-up form and ESM deposits are due on October 9, 2023
  • What are my payment options?

    To pay for ESM, follow these steps:

    1. Sign-up and Deposit: Students must officially sign up for the ESM experience by submitting the required registration form and deposit. The deadline for deposit submission is October 9. This deposit is essential to secure a spot on the team. If the deposit is not paid on time, there is a risk of losing the spot.
    2. Payment Options: ESM offers flexibility in payment options to make the expense manageable. There are two ways to pay for the trip:
      a. One Payment: You can choose to pay the entire fee in one single payment. This will clear your payment obligations upfront, and you won't have to worry about monthly installments.
      b. Monthly Payments: If paying the entire fee at once is challenging, you have the option to break down the expense into four monthly payments (November, December, January, and February). These payments will be automatically withdrawn along with your tuition payments on the same date each month.
    1. Manual Payments: If you prefer not to have payments automatically withdrawn, you can make individual payments manually. To do this, make sure you pay the installment before the scheduled date of withdrawal through Tuition Management.
    2. Financial Planning: It's encouraged that families plan ahead and discuss how they will cover the expenses of the ESM trip. Involving the student in paying for the experience is also recommended to foster a sense of responsibility and investment in the opportunity. Each family's financial situation is unique, so they need to determine what contribution looks like for them.

    By following these steps, students and their families can successfully manage the expenses associated with the ESM trips and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • How can my student get the most from their ESM experience?

    To ensure your student gets the most from their ESM experience, consider the following guidelines:

    1. Stay Informed: Students should pay close attention to school announcements and attend all student meetings related to their trip. These meetings may provide important information about the itinerary, preparations, and expectations for the trip. Likewise, parents should attend the parent meeting associated with the trip to stay informed about the details and any specific requirements.
    2. Team Travel: Encourage your student to travel to and from the destination with their team. Group travel fosters a sense of camaraderie and provides valuable bonding opportunities with fellow participants. If possible, try to avoid scheduling family plans that might interrupt their trip experience.
    3. Adhere to Deadlines: Make sure your student turns in all required forms and payments by the assigned due dates. Timely submissions are crucial for the trip's organization, as payments are used for various essential aspects such as purchasing airline tickets, acquiring necessary supplies, and covering fees.
    4. Prepare for International Trips: If your student is planning to attend an out-of-country experience, ensure they have a valid passport well in advance. The passport application process can take time (up to 13 weeks), so it's important to plan ahead and apply early to avoid any delays.
    5. Leave Phones Behind: It is important for students to be aware that phones will be collected at the beginning of their ESM experience to ensure maximum participation and minimize distractions. The trip leaders will have the discretion to grant time for phone use or picture-taking during appropriate moments of the trip. This policy is designed to help students fully immerse themselves in the educational and cultural aspects of the trip while maintaining a balance with staying connected to their families.
    6. Embrace the Experience: Encourage your student to be open-minded and embrace the learning opportunities and cultural experiences that come with the trip. Engaging fully in the activities and interactions during the journey will make the experience more rewarding.
    7. Be Respectful and Responsible: Remind your student to be respectful of local customs, cultures, and people during the trip. They should also be responsible for their belongings and follow the guidance and rules set by the organizers.

    By following these guidelines, your student can make the most of their ESM experience, grow personally and academically, and create unforgettable memories.